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The Company has hundreds of hectares of own and franchisee shrimp farms.Quality feeds and seeds are provided. Care is taken to see that no steroids or anti-biotics are used. Seagold provides feed, seed, technical know-how and aqua inputs to its 500 franchise farmers on a buy back arrangement. All the ponds are strategically located nearer to the sea. Major concentration of farms is in Chandipur, Basudevpur and Dhamra districts of Balasore and Bhadrak. Technical details are include below:

Own farms --------------------------------------------------------- 200 ha

Franchisee Farms ------------------------------------------------ 700 ha

Average yield/ha -------------------------------------------------------2.5 Mt

Total expected crop---------------------------------------------------2250 Mt H/O base

Season time------------------------------------------------------------July-December

Distance from factory -------------------------------------------------2 to 3 hours

Fleet ------------------------------------------------------------------Own vehicles

Traceability limit -------------------------------------------Farm site to end product

Chilika Matrials ---------------------------------------------------CHILIKA GOLD

Brand -------------------------------------------------------------ORI-GOLD , TOSHALI & CHILIKA GOLD

Insulated Vehicles ----------------------------------------------------Seven Nos.

Franchise Hatchery ------------------------------------------------------Two Nos.

Feed Brand deals -----------------------------------------------------NEXUS , GROBEST

Processing Facilities--------------------------------------------------M/S Seagold Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Puri Factory Code : 452

Processing Tie-up----------------------------------------M/S Seagold Overseas Pvt. Ltd. , Teekay Marines Ltd. Patia , Bhubaneswar , India Factory Code : 459 Approved For EU


Seagold overseas has in-house laboratory facilities at both the plants as well as veterinary facilities at the hatchery and the farms. Every stage of cultivation and processing is closely monitored. Special tests are conducted to detect the presence of micro organisms and anti-biotic so that the end product is absolutely contamination free.


The Company has a fleet of insulated as well as refrigerated vehicles to transport the harvested shrimp from the farms to the plants as well as to transport the processed goods to the port of shipment. They are all state-of-the-art machines that ensure that the freshness of our produce is maintained on the roads as much as we care for them in our plants and processing facilities. Transportation is also batch coded to ensure that the backward integration process is complied with to its fullest.

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